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We are delighted to be able to offer a number of services to assist Aircraft Operators with their obligations to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, including the Fully Comprehensive EU ETS Service:

Fully Comprehensive EU ETS Service

By far the most popular EU ETS service that we offer, the Fully Comprehensive EU ETS Service deals with everything required for an operator to achieve full compliance with the aviation EU Emissions Trading Scheme – the aviation EU ETS process. The service is actually a combination of all of our individual services as listed below. In essence, this means that we take over the process from you and represent you to your Competent Authority, ensuring that all steps are completed successfully and well within EU ETS deadlines. We liaise directly with all participatory organisations/member states on your behalf to ensure full compliance, and keep you fully updated of progress. As with our other services, the charge is retrospective – no up-front payment is required and an invoice will only be issued once full compliance has been achieved and the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Drafting of an Annual Emissions Monitoring Plan (AEM Plan) and obtaining approval from the Competent Authority

Drafting of an AEM Plan can be a very demanding process for the operator. It is complicated and time-consuming and needs to relate explicitly to your organisation’s own internal procedures and processes. We work with you to quickly understand how you go about your daily operation. We then draft a Monitoring Plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. This includes the creation of a Data Flow Chart that clearly sets out the methodology and processes you use when gathering and recording data that is used for emissions reporting. We simplify the aviation EU ETS process for you and, after providing us with a modest amount of unintrusive operational information, are then able to relieve you of whole task by drafting and submitting the Plan to the Competent Authority for approval.

Creation of an Aircraft Operator’s Holding Account and registration to the European Union Registry

Registration to the EU Registry is probably the step that is causing operators the most problems within the aviation EU ETS process. The major issue is that two individuals need to be nominated to administer the account, and each of these is required to provide a host of invasive personal and legal information (e.g. passport details, criminal records checks, bank account details). These details have to be legally notarised, which can be particularly difficult and time-consuming for those not resident in the Member State they have been assigned to, as these often have to be legally certified via diplomatic/ambassadorial channels. For the vast majority of Member States we can handle this step for you by using our own appointed Authorised Representatives, absolving you of any need to engage with this onerous process.

Calculation and submission of an Annual Emissions Report (AER)

Our service includes the validation and analysis of your flight information, calculation of CO² emissions and related figures, production of a detailed report and submission of the calculations to the Competent Authority on your behalf. These will then be available for verification.


Once the annual CO² emissions have been calculated they will need to be verified by an authorised, independent verification company. We can arrange this for you by appointing an accredited verification company and liaising with them to ensure that the submission and verification process is successful.

Creation and operation of a Carbon Credit Broking Account

Once your annual CO² emissions have been calculated and verified, carbon credits equal to the number of tonnes of CO² emitted during the reporting year must be purchased through specialised brokers, then surrendered within the EU Registry. This is an involved process that will require the need for Authorised Representatives to carry out and finalise the necessary transactions. We can open and maintain a carbon credit account on your behalf, purchase carbon credits upon your instruction or as and when they become required, and surrender them as necessary.

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