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EU, Canada, China try to isolate US ahead of Bonn climate talks

The European Union has joined with Canada and China to convene a ministerial summit in Montreal this weekend, in preparation for the United Nations climate summit taking place in November in Bonn, Germany.
Though ministers from 30 major economies will be present, accounting for half of the G20, one major economy will not have a senior minister there – the United States. That is as intended.
The summit is, in part, an effort to head off any attempts by the US to play a spoiler role at the Bonn talks.
US President Donald Trump announced his intent to withdraw his country from the Paris climate agreement in June. But since then it has become clear that the US is in no hurry to pull out, and will still have a seat at the table until 2020. That has left other signatories to the deal worried that US representatives will use their delegation to thwart efforts to strengthen the regime at this year’s summit in Bonn.
The Montreal meeting is the first of its kind, because it has been called by individual countries and is taking place outside the UN framework.

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